World War Two: The Home Front

Discover what life was like as a child during Wartime Britain. Investigate artefacts to discover how people on the home front protected themselves from the dangers of war, and how they coped.

This 2hr session will give pupils the opportunity to take part in an air raid drill. They will gain an understanding of how people coped during raids, and sing some wartime songs.

Meet the air raid warden, making sure that blackout rules are being kept. Is there a pupil bossy enough to fill this role? Meet the WVS lady who is just as bossy! Finally meet the friendly land army girl.

Pupils will handle and discuss artefacts. Through being a ‘history detective’ they will gain an understanding of how life changed during the war.

To end the workshop there will be two group activities; Make do & Mend and The role of the child at home  

The workshop will focus on

  • How families coped with air raids and blackouts
  • How children ‘did their bit’ for the war effort
  • How people coped with dwindling supplies
  • How women contributed to the war
  • Wartime songs

The Home Front: World War Two is offered as a half day or full day experience

Timetable for full day experience    

 The morning will consist of the interactive talk, including role-play. Pupils will handle artefacts and look at propaganda posters.

During the afternoon there will be more role-play opportunities. Meet the friendly shopkeeper selling rationed food, but watch out for the inspector making sure weighing of the correct rations is being adhered to! Meet the factory lady.

Pupils will take part in a make do and mend activity and find out how the Red Cross helped prisoners of war.



“A note to say a big thank you for your help during our WW2 week. We are really grateful. Thank you for being part of making the week such a success.”

A Briggs  Sharples Primary School Bolton


“The workshop was fantastic from start to finish. The children were engaged every step of the way – what better way to enhance their history learning than with REAL artefacts and scenarios! You really brought the topic to life and our pupils are sure to never forget their WW2 experience. (Please come again!!!)

Miss Byrne   Christ Church Charnock Richard CE Primary School   Chorley