World War I: From Recruitment to Hospital Bed

Discover what life was like for a soldier during WW1. Follow his journey from recruitment, through to the trenches and finally to an army hospital. Investigate documents and artefacts to discover how the war affected not only troops, but also the family as a whole.

Meet a newly recruited WW1 soldier from the class, and a WW1 nurse. Find out how their paths cross during the course of the war. Learn about the harsh realities of trench warfare. Discover the problems faced by medical personnel, when treating so many wounded troops. Find out what life would have been like for soldiers who were no longer able to fight.

Pupils will handle and discuss artefacts. Through being a ‘history detective’ they will gain an understanding of how life changed during the war.

Pupils will look at documents and posters and discover how propaganda was used during the war.


The workshop will focus on

  • Propaganda and how it influenced people’s attitudes.
  • How looking at documents, posters and artefacts can help us to understand what life was really like during WW1.
  • What dangers soldiers faced in the trenches and how they coped.
  • How the wounded were cared for and what recognition there was for these soldiers.