Victorian School

Experience Victorian school times through role-play. Use dip pens and slate boards, learn about Victorian punishments.

This 2hr session will be delivered with the classroom set up in rows. However, the workshop will not be delivered in role, to allow for comparisons with school life in modern times. We also strive to make the workshop fun and appreciate that some children may be intimidated by the character of a Victorian school teacher. There will be opportunities for children to come in and out of role, in a more relaxed environment.

Pupils will begin the session by looking at photographs and comparing Victorian classrooms to their own classroom.

Pupils will handle money and write on slates, taking part in an arithmetic lesson.

Pupils will discover what Victorian punishments were like. Beware the naughty child! You might be chosen!

Pupils will have a drill lesson. Can they listen to the instuctions?!

The workshop will focus on

  • Lessons that children were taught
  • What punishments and rewards were given
  • How Victorian classrooms compare with modern classrooms
  • Government legislation
  • What equipment was available to children in school

Victorian School is a half day workshop but can be combined with one of our other Victorian workshops for a full day experience


“My class thoroughly enjoyed the Victorian School Workshop! I think it has triggered a new interest for so many of them, who have asked if we can learn more about The Victorians”

Mrs Jarvis St Michael’s C of E Primary School Great Lever Bolton

“We took part in a Victorian Classroom afternoon and it was fantastic! The children learnt lots of new information in a fun, exciting and interactive way! Would definitely recommend!”

Miss Barnes Year 3 St Michael’s C of E Primary School Great Lever Bolton

“A fantastic session. The children learnt lots of new things and were hooked from start to finish. Perfect balance of fun and hands-on learning. Thank you.”

Mr Cunningham Y3 St Michael’s C of E Primary School Great Lever Bolton