Victorian Homelife

Learn about the life of a poor family through photographs and artefacts. Have a go at topping and tailing and making Victorian toilet paper!

This 2hr session will begin with the study of photographs and an interactive talk. Pupils will learn about the cramped living conditions that many Victorian families lived in, top and tail sleeping and putting a baby in a drawer, amongst other eye- opening facts!

Pupils will handle and discuss household artefacts. Through being a ‘history detective’ pupils will gain an understanding of life in a poor Victorian house.

To end the workshop, pupils will make Victorian privy paper.


The workshop will focus on

  • Living conditions in back to back houses
  • Life expectancy
  • What everyday household items looked like
  • What jobs children would do in the house


Victorian Homelife is a half day workshop but can be combined with one of our other Victorian workshops. 


“The children were enthralled for the whole morning. The workshop linked perfectly with our enquiry based learning approach. Del is extremely knowledgeable and taught me an awful lot too!”

Mrs Beran   Mab’s Cross Primary School  Wigan


“A very interesting, informative and enjoyable workshop. Lots of ‘eye opening’ and surprising facts for children to learn about home/family life in Victorian times. Thank you”

C Smith   Mab’s Cross Primary School  Wigan


“Really brought the Victorians to life for the children. The photographs, artefacts and questions allowed children to understand what it would really feel like to live and grow up in Victorian times. Thank you so much!”


“The Victorian workshop was very informative and thoroughly enjoyed by the Year 6 children. The combination of Practical activities and observation work provided a good balance to the session. Del’s subject knowledge is excellent and she certainly brought life to the session. Thank you!”

Year 5 & 6 teachers  St Michael’s C of E Primary School  Great Lever  Bolton


“Our Y5 class had a fantastic afternoon working with Del. The children were fascinated by the artefacts and activities that she shared with them. The sessions were well organised and enriched their understanding of the Victorians. Highly recommended!”

Mrs Selby   Christ The King Catholic Primary School  Wavertree


“The workshop was thoroughly entertaining and educational for the children. I have never see them so engaged in a lesson before!”

Mr Hints   Christ The King Catholic Primary School  Wavertree