Ancient Egyptians

Investigate artefacts to learn about life in Ancient Egyptian times. Help mummify someone & look at clothing.                    

This 2hr session will begin with the handling and discussion of artefacts. Through being a ‘history detective’ pupils will gain an understanding of Ancient Egyptian life.

Pupils will be selected to wear costume to show the status of different people in society. They will discover why Ancient Egyptians wore wigs and white clothing.

A pupil  will be mummified, with the help of other class members. We promise not to harm any child!! The class will learn about the belief in the afterlife and the weighing of the heart rite.

 The workshop will focus on

  • The importance of mummification
  • The Ancient Egyptian hierarchy system and the jobs that people did within this
  • The clothes that people wore and how clothes showed status
  • How looking at how artefacts can teach us about the Ancient Egyptians


“We enjoyed a super Ancient Egyptian workshop this morning. It was easy to book, with a quick response. The year 3 class were engaged throughout the morning, exploring and discussing artefacts in groups then learning about hierarchy, through dressing up. The children particulary enjoyed learning about the mummification process in a practical way and ended their session with some calm sketching of artefacts. The children made some excellent progress with their learning through talk and practical activities. Thank you for a lovely, informative morning”

Julie Seed   Beaumont Primary School  Bolton

“A well led and well prepared session which the children thoroughly enjoyed. I particulary valued the links between the artefacts and everyday life in Ancient Egypt. All the children were included and different abilities catered for. Excellent and enjoyable!

Anne Murphy  St John The Evangelist School  Bolton

“Ease of booking was fantastic. Afternoon workshop was lots of fun for the children. Excellent artefacts, which we discussed together. Thought provoking questions asked by Del. Children enjoyed all the activities.”

Karen Booth   Bridgewater School  Worsley