Stone Age

Explore Stone Age life through looking at artefacts. Look in our discovery boxes to find clues about how people lived in early Britain.

This 2hr session will begin with the handling and discussion of artefacts. Through being a ‘history detective’ pupils will gain an understanding of Stone Age life, and realise how humans learnt to use natural resources to aid development of everyday life.

Pupils will look in food tubs to find out if a Stone Age diet was the same as ours. NO NUTS ARE BROUGHT INTO THE SCHOOL.

Pupils will take part in a quick, fun filled activity, sorting out materials to discover what Stone Age clothing would have looked like, and learn how clothing was resourced.  

The workshop will focus on

  • What tools people had and what they used them for
  • What people wore and how they sourced their clothing
  • What people ate
  • How the discovery of certain things helped with the development of everyday life

Stone Age is offered as a half day or full day experience


“I have used Delve Into History for history workshops for a number of years and I have been very impressed! Children are always engaged through the use of artefacts and questions to encourage thinking. Today my class took part in a Stone Age workshop and as always, it was brilliant! Very easy to book and accommodating”

Gail Youngman   Washacre Primary School Westhoughton

“The children were focused throughout the morning. They learnt a lot about The Stone Age and had fun in the process!”

Catherine Pearson St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School Chorley

“I have booked Del for history workshops for many years. She is very experienced, so organised and knowledgeable: The children really love the workshops as Del commands respect straight away and ensures the experience is throuroughly enjoyable.”

“We have booked the Stone Age workshop for the last few years. It is extremely interesting and the children are rapt from the start. There are exciting artefacts to observe, decipher and sketch, and then food and fabrics to examine and figure out. I thoroughly recommend this workshop. It should be booked early on in your Stone Age topic work”

Ruth Chadbond High Lawn Primary School Bolton