EYFS, KS1 and KS2 History workshops Workshops  designed to help children discover and understand life in the past, with the aid of artefacts, role play & costume.

Delve Into History provides fun, educational, time efficient and cost effective workshops throughout Lancashire and Greater Manchester. Hands on, fully interactive workshops designed to help children discover life in the past.

We promote enquiry based learning, and help to encourage pupils to become confident in expressing their ideas.

Why choose us?

From Ancient Egyptians through to the 1990s, we can bring expertise into your classroom. All workshops are in line with National Curriculum requirements and are delivered by an experienced teacher. We are DBS checked and Public Liability insured.  

Delve Into History believes there are three essential things that excite children and help them to gain an understanding of the past:







” After 12 years of teaching Seaside Holidays to Y1 and Reception, I have never seen the topic come alive as I have today. The children were engrossed with the past! Amazing resources and artefacts that captured the children’s imagination and took us back 100 years. Amazing class workshop”

“Easy and quick to book, very accommodating of our needs. Some great ‘hands-on’ experiences for Victorian School Life. Excellent artefacts for the Home & Family Life. Friendly delivery, very informative. A great day for year 3!”

“An engaging & practical workshop. It really encouraged open discussion and exploration of artefacts, with lots of information to start our ancient civilizations topic.”

“Del was great from beginning to end. She was extremely helpful during the booking process and gave us lots of ideas that we could do with the children. She brought in lots of artefacts and clothing which the children had never seen before and taught the children some Tudor games.”

“A fabulous workshop! The children were interested and engaged throughout the session. There was a lovely range of photographs and artefacts for the children to explore. The mining  scenario at the end really brought the learning to life.”



We love artefacts at Delve Into History! We bring carefully selected artefacts for pupils to handle and explore. We encourage pupils to become history detectives.

By allowing pupils to handle artefacts we can promote enquiry based learning and help pupils to form ideas about what life was like during the period of history being studied.

Studying artefacts not only helps pupils to learn about history, but teaches them the importance of handling artefacts correctly.


We want artefacts to encourage pupils to ask questions such as:

WHAT material is it made from?

HOW was it resourced?

HOW was it made?

WHAT was it used for?

WHO would have used it?

WHAT does it tell us about the period in history?


We recognise the impact of costume on children and how valuable it is in helping to bring history alive. However, costume for every pupil makes the cost of workshops more expensive, as maintaining full sets of costume is costly. In addition, giving costume to every pupil would be time consuming and we want to avoid losing valuable teaching. By selecting a small number of pupils to dress up, the rest of the class learn and have fun watching in the process. Children love watching their classmates don a wig!!

We want costume to encourage questions such as:

HOW was it made?

WHO made it?

WHO would have worn it?

DID it show importance in society?

WHAT material would have been used to make it?

WHERE did the material come from?


Delivering workshops in character can be useful in conveying the past but we appreciate that this can be intimidating to some children. Therefore our workshops are delivered out of character. Delivering out of role also allows for the facilitator to talk about modern life and make comparisons with the past.

There will however, be opportunities for pupils to participate in role play and become the characters themselves.



We want role-play to encourage pupils to answer questions such as:

DID you enjoy being that character?

WOULD you have wanted to be in that position in the hierarchical structure?

WERE the clothes comfortable?

WERE the clothes very different to what you wear today?

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