Victorian Christmas

Study photographs and handle artefacts to discover what a Victorian Christmas was like for rich and poor. Find out what Queen Victoria had for Christmas dinner. Make a traditional toy and play a parlour game.

This 2hr workshop begins with pupils looking at photographs and taking part in a festive quiz. Pupils will gain an understanding of Victorian Christmas traditions, and discover how different it was between the rich and the poor.

Pupils will take part in two group activities:

  • Studying Queen Victoria’s Christmas meal menu and comparing this with what poor families would have been eating. Pupils will handle kitchen artefacts and work out how they would have been used to prepare Christmas dinner.
  • Making a traditional Victorian toy.                                                          

The workshop will finish off with a traditional parlour game.                                                         


The workshop will focus on

  • What Victorians did to celebrate the festive season.
  • Differences between the rich and the poor.
  • What would have been eaten on Christmas day, and what presents would have been received.
  • How Victorian Christmas traditions have influenced modern celebrations.

Victorian Christmas is a half day workshop but can be combined with Victorian Homelife, Victorian Schoolroom or Victorian Children At Work for a full day Victorian experience


“We had a lovely start with a quiz to test our knowledge and we learned new facts too! children loved handling artefacts from a Victorian kitchen. It was lovely for every child to be involved with playing with Victorian toys and their favourite part was making a peg doll. A wonderful interactive and informative session.”

Andrea Miller  St George’s Church of England Primary School  Chorley