Maya Civilization

Explore Maya civilization through looking at artefacts. Look in our discovery boxes to find clues about the life of ancient Mayan people.

This 2hr workshop will begin by looking at the how the Maya organised their cities. The class will be split into groups in order to discover the hierarchical structure.

Pupils will work in groups, handling and discussing artefacts. Through being ‘history detectives,’ pupils will gain an understanding of Mayan life. A boy and a girl will be selected to wear costume so that the class can see how Mayan people loved colour.

The workshop will finish off with a fun food quiz. Watch out for the iguana and monkey!


The workshop will focus on

  • Customs and ritual
  • What food Mayan people ate
  • How looking at costume can tell us about status in society
  • The importance of religion


“Excellent introduction to our new topic. Superb artefacts and amazing knowledge. Great enagagement with the children. Thank you.”


“An engaging and practical workshop. It really encouraged open discussion and exploration of artefacts, with lots of information to start our ancient civilizations topic”


Year 3 teachers Trinity Buckshaw CE/Methodist Primary School


“The children really enjoyed all the interesting artefacts to support their learning about Maya. The food quiz was a huge hit! Thank you.”

Miss Byrne  Christ Church Charnock Richard CE Primary School  Chorley