Toys & Games In The Past                                                            Look at toys and games that were played with by children in Victorian Times. Have fun watching clockwork toys move and learn how a spring works inside. Discover what materials were to make toys. Play with old fashioned toys.

In this 2hr workshop pupils will travel back to the Victorian era in a ‘time machine’ to discover a child’s bedroom with a toy box. Pupils will find out what is in the box and help to demonstrate the old toys. They will meet Mary the fabric doll and George the very sad teddy bear. Watch the clockwork drumming panda.

Pupils will take part in a carousel of activities:

  • Victorian Hoopla game competition.
  • Sketching toys.
  • Playing with toys.


The workshop will focus on

  • What toys and games were popular in Victorian times.
  • The different materials used to make toys.
  • How a spring works inside a clockwork toy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     “A wonderful morning, the children were captivated and engaged throughout all of the activities. Perfectly pitched, hands on activities which all children (and adults!) enjoyed. Very knowledgeable, great presentation and really lovely with the children. Would definitely book and and would recommend.”

Elizabeth Sowerby  St Winifred’s Roman Catholic Primary School  Stockport

“An excellent interactive workshop with links to old/new/past/present in history, with great links with materials and their properties in science. Great quality resources for the children to explore. Great for KS1”

Jenna Hickman  Pikes Lane Primary School Bolton

“The children were very enthusiastic with the toys! They all commented on how enjoyable the lesson was. Very pleased”

Chris Telford   Tyldesley Primary School Tyldesley