Tudor Entertainment

Take part in Tudor dancing and learn about Tudor etiquette. Play some traditional Tudor games.

The School hall will be required for this workshop.

This 2hr session will begin with the class listening to Tudor music and learning about instruments used in Tudor times.

Pupils will learn about etiquette and take part in three dances. Yes boys, you will have to dance with girls!

The workshop will end with a jingling match game, a calming five stones game and passing round a mystery Tudor toy.

The workshop will focus on

  • What games the rich played
  • Popular Tudor dances
  • What musical instruments were used in Tudor times

Tudor Entertainment can be  combined  with Tudors – Rich & Poor for a full day experience

“The children loved the dances and playing the Tudor games. A fun afternoon. Would highly recommend.”

Karen Booth  Bridgewater School  Worsley

“Del was great from beginning to end. She was extremely helpful during the booking process and gave us lots of ideas that we could do with the children. She brought lots of artefacts and clothing which the children had never seen before and taught the children some Tudor games.”

Aman Dhaliwal  St Andrew’s CE Primary School  Manchester