Tudors – Rich and Poor

Investigate artefacts to learn about life in Tudor times. Look at costume and discover the differences between rich and poor. Have a go at writing with a quill pen.

This 2hr session will begin with a focus on the differences between rich and poor. This will be done through looking at costume. Pupils will learn about Tudor etiquette. They will meet ‘My Lord’ and ‘My Lady.’ Will there be pupils bossy enough to fill these roles?

Pupils will learn some Latin and have a go at writing with a quill pen.

Pupils will handle and discuss artefacts. Through being ‘history detectives’ they will gain an understanding of life in Tudor times.


The workshop will focus on

  • Tudor etiquette
  • Differences between rich and poor
  • What Tudor household items looked like
  • What languages rich people learnt and what they wrote with


Tudors Rich & Poor can be combined with Tudor Entertainment for a full day Tudor experience 


“The whole process was excellent from the booking to the whole activities. Contacting Del was easy. Children learnt so much about The Tudors during the morning.”

Karen Booth  Bridgewater School  Worsley