The Teacher's View

“Del has visited me in year 1 many times to deliver Fire of London workshop and it’s always the highlight of the year! Without fail the children mention it in July when they review their school year, and I am always astounded by the many facts they can recall. More importantly they say how much fun they had!  

They can tell me why the fire spread so quickly because they remember ‘being a flame’ and they know that people took water from the river to help put out the fire, because they were part of a human chain with buckets. This is history teaching at it’s best. Del is truly inspirational!” 

Janet Carroll Our Lady & St Edward’s Catholic Primary School Birkenhead


“What a fantastic afternoon we have had! Del engaged the children perfectly with interesting facts and real life artefacts. The costumes were amazing and it hooked the children. It linked perfectly with our Neil Armstrong topic and the National Curriculum. The practical challenges were purposeful and interesting. We would definitley recommend! Thank you again!”

Lauern Derbyshire   Leigh St John’s CE Primary School  Leigh


“Easy and quick to book, very accommodating of our needs. Some great ‘hands-on’ experiences for Victorian School Life. Excellent artefacts for the home and Family Life. Friendly delivery, very informative. A great day for year 3!”

Brenda Richardson  St Andrew’s Primary School  Over Hulton


“The children were very enthusiastic with the toys! They all commented on how enjoyable the workshop was. Very pleased.”

Chris Telford  Tyldesley Primary School Tyldesley


“An excellent interactive workshop with links to old/new/past/present in history, with great links with materials and their properties in science. Great quality resources for the children to explore. Great for KS1”

Jenna Hickman  Pikes Lane Primary School  Bolton


“KS1 session on Florence Nightingale was fantastic! Children really enjoyed the interactive and engaging activities. It really brought the past to life for our year 1 children.”

Emma Reed  Rainhill St Ann’s CE primary School  Rainhill


“The workshop was brilliant for my Y2 children. We are quite a lively class but the children were very engaged! There were a range of activities that caught their attention and they can now talk with some detail about seasides in Victorian times. Thank you!”

Beth Rowland  Brookfield Primary School  Preston


“This is a magical workshop, and lovely to do in the run up to Christmas as it helps pupils appreciate their own toys and games! The children loved ‘travelling back in time’ to find out what Victorian children played with.

They were encouraged to think about the materials the toys were made from, how they worked (they loved ‘being a spring’) and they discussed how toys have changed over time.

This session is perfect for 5-6 year olds and Del provides a range of wonderful learning experiences that are interactive and such fun, that the children become totally immersed in their learning. I can’t recommend highly enough!”

Janet Carroll  Our Lady & St Edward’s Catholic Primary School  Birkenhead


“A very interesting, informative and enjoyable workshop. Lots of ‘eye opening’ and surprising facts for the children to learn about home/family life in Victorian times. Thank you.”

C Smith  Mabs Cross Primary School  Wigan


“The children were focused throughout the morning. They learnt a lot about The Stone Age and had fun in the process!”


Catherine Pearson  Anderton St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School  Chorley


“A wonderful morning, the children were captivated and engaged throughout all of the activities. Perfectly pitched, hands on activities which all children (and adults) enjoyed. Very knowledgeable, great presentation and really lovely with all the children. Would definitely book again and would recommend.”

Elizabeth Sowerby  St Winifred’s RC Primary School  Didsbury


“I have used Del for history workshops for a number of years and I have always been impressed. Del engages the children through the use of artefacts and questions to encourage their thinking. Today Del has delivered her Stone Age workshop and as always, it was brilliant! Very interactive and easy to book, Del is very accommodating.”

Gail Youngman  Washacre Primary School  Westhoughton


“The children were enthralled for the whole morning. The workshop linked perfectly with our enquiry based learning approach. Del is extremely knowledgeable and taught me an awful lot too!”

Mrs Berant  Mab’s Cross Primary School  Wigan


“Good to have a session delivered by someone who has taught before because behaviour management was excellent, which meant the children got a lot out of the session.”

Rachel Buckley  Lyndhurst Primary School Oldham


“Thank you so much for the very interesting talk you gave us last week. The children have been full of it ever since! Both they and I gained a lot from it and I shall be recommending you to the teacher taking yr2 next year.”

Joanne Tomlinson


“A well lead and well prepared session which the children thoroughly enjoyed. I particulary valued the links between every life in Ancient Egypt. All the children were included and different abilities catered for. Excellent and enjoyable!”

Anne Murphy  St John The Evangelist School  Bolton


“I have booked Del for history workshops for many years. She is very experienced, so organised and knowledgeable: The children really love the workshops as Del commands respect straight away and ensures the experience is thoroughly enjoyable. We have booked the Stone Age workshop for the last few years. It is extremely interesting and the children are rapt from the start. There are exciting artefacts to observe, decipher and sketch, and then food and fabrics to examine and figure out. I thoroughly recommend this workshop. It should be booked early on in your Stone Age topic.”  

               Ruth Chadbond  High Lawn Primary School  Bolton


“A great, well organised and very informative Florence Nightingale session delivered to my class by Del. All the children were engaged and loved to be able to dress up and act out the life of Florence. They also enjoyed looking at and investigating many medical instruments and bottles and then sketching them. A great workshop for KS1 and so convenient to have the experience in school rather than having to travel to a venue.”

Lisa Lymath  Maharishi School  Lathom


“We took part in a Victorian Classroom afternoon and it was fantastic! The children learnt lots of new information in a fun, exciting and interactive way! Would definitely recommend!”

Year 4 teacher  St Michael’s C of E Primary School  Great Lever  Bolton


“A really interactive and engaging Victorian workshop. The children learnt a lot and were very excited to participate. A very immersive way to teach history.”

Year 5 teacher St Michael’s C of E Primary School  Great Lever  Bolton


“The workshop was fantastic from start to finish. The children were engaged every step of the way – what better way to enhance their history learning than with real artefacts and scenarios! You really brought the topic to life and our pupils are sure to never forget their WW2 experience. (Please come again!!!)”

Miss Byrne  Christ Church Charnock Richard CE Primary School