Ancient Greeks

Investigate armour and compare Athenian and Spartan life. Handle artefacts and play an Ancient Greek game.

This 2hr workshop will begin with an interactive talk. A pupil will be chosen to dress up as a Greek Hoplite and the class will learn about battle tactics.

Pupils will be divided into a Spartan and Athenian family and learn about the differences between the city states.

Pupils will discover that there are many words in the English language that originate from Ancient Greek times.

The class will take part in a carousel of activities.

  • Playing ‘Knucklebones’ We can assure you that it’s not as violent as it sounds!
  • Trying on armour and wearing civilian clothing.
  • Handling and discussing artefacts in order to gain an understanding of Ancient Greek life through being a ‘history detective.’


The workshop will focus on

  • The differences between Athenian and Spartan society
  • What Greeks did for leisure
  • Greek Hoplites and warfare
  • How looking at artefacts can teach us about the Ancient Greeks




Ancient Greeks is offered as a half day or full day experience     

The morning will consist of the interactive talk and in depth discussion of the differences between Spartans and Athenians. The class will end the morning trying to solve and Ancient Greek brain teaser.

The carousel of activities will take place in the afternoon, allowing for longer time in each area.


 “Thank you for another fascinating workshop. Year 3 really enjoyed handling artefacts, dressing up and playing games in today’s Ancient Greek workshop. We have leaned so much.”

Mrs Fairhurst   St Paul’s CE Primary School  Walkden


“Year 3 really enjoyed an Ancient Greece day. An informative morning learning about Athens and Sparta with some role-play and group work. The children loved dressing up in different Ancient Greek clothes and handling artefacts. Really easy to book-quick replies from Del to get it all booked.”

Jonathan Fyne   Delph Side Community Primary School  Skelmersdale