Evacuee Case

The story of Alice, a wartime evacuee. How did she cope with air raids and deal with being sent to the countryside?

This 2hr workshop gives pupils the opportunity to hear the sounds of an air raid. They will gain an understanding of how people felt, and how they coped during air raids. The pupils will sing wartime songs before hearing the all clear siren.

Pupils will be have a look inside a child’s evacuee case, and two pupils will be selected to dress as an evacuee.

Pupils will handle artefacts. Through being a ‘history detective’ they will gain an understanding of how life changed for children during the war.

The workshop will finish with a song challenge. Can the class sing and do actions without making a mistake?

The workshop will focus on

  • How families coped with air raids and blackouts
  • Why children were sent away to the countryside
  • What children packed in their suitcases
  • Wartime songs