The Great Fire of London

Handle artefacts, look at costume and get involved in role- lay.

During this 2hr workshop pupils will listen to the story of The Fire of London discovering how the fire started, why it spread so quickly and how it was put out. Pupils will be immersed in role-play and along the way meet Samuel Pepys, King Charles ll, Thomas the Baker and his wife.

Pupils will take part in two full class activities:

  • Helping to put the fire out by forming a bucket chain.
  • Handling artefacts to gain an understanding of what it would have been like inside a Stuart house.


The workshop will focus on

  • Why the fire spread so quickly.
  • How people tried to stop the fire.
  • Samuel Pepys-  Why we know about the fire.
  • How Stuart times were different to life today.


“The Great Fire of London workshop was fantastic. There were lots of interactive and fun activities keeping the children engaged. The children had a lovely time, loving every minute of the morning”

Hannah Leah  Culcheth Community Primary School  Warrington


“All children thoroughly enjoyed a Great Fire of London workshop which was delivered by Delyth. They loved dressing up in Stuart clothes and retelling the events through role-play and using historical artefacts. Well recommended.”

Miss Gervis  Gisburn Primary School  Clitheroe

“Del makes sure her workshops are so engaging and accessible to all children. She brings lots of artefacts and resources for the children to explore. The children are engaged throughout and remember lots of facts.”

Rachel Millington  Beaumont Primary School  Bolton