Investigate armour and learn about battle tactics. Handle artefacts and learn about everyday life. Play a Roman dice game.

This 2hr session will begin with an interactive talk. A pupil will be chosen to dress up as a Roman soldier. The class will begin to understand why the Roman army was so good at invasion, through learning about battle tactics. 


Pupils will take part in a carousel of activities.

  • Trying on Roman armour and having a go at the toga challenge.
  • Playing a Roman dice game and learning about Roman numerals.
  • Handling and discussing artefacts in order to gain an understanding of everyday Roman life through being a ‘history detective.’

The workshop will focus on

  • Roman numerals
  • Why the Roman army did so well
  • How artefacts can teach us about everyday life in Roman times
  • What clothes were worn by Roman soldiers and civilians.

Romans is offered as a half day or full day experience

Full day timetable: The morning will begin with pupils working in groups handling and discussing artefacts in more detail. They will then learn about what a Roman soldier wore, and battle tactics.

The carousel of activities will take place in the afternoon, allowing for longer in each area. As arefacts will have been discussed in the morning, pupils will have the opportunity to sketch them.



“Great afternoon. Timing of activities was just right. It was good to bring The Romans to life with the artefacts – children enjoyed deciding what they thought they were. They really enjoyed dressing up as a soldier. Great three activities where the children could rotate. Would recommend. Thank you.”

St Joseph’s RC Primary School  Huyton

“Thank you so much for the very interesting talk you gave us last week about the Romans. The children have been full of it ever since! Both they and I gained a lot from it and I shall be recommending you to the teacher taking year 2 next year”

Joanne Tomlinson