Investigate artefacts and costume to learn about life in Viking times. Play a Viking game.

This 2hr session will begin with the handling and discussion of artefacts. Through being a ‘history detective’ pupils will gain an understanding of everyday Viking life.

A boy and a girl will be selected to wear costume, so that the class can learn about how clothes were resourced, who made them and how they were dyed.

Pupils will have the opportunity to sketch artefacts, paying particular attention to pattern in Viking jewellery.

The workshop will finish with a Viking game. Who can be the loudest Viking?!

The workshop will focus on

  • How looking at costume can teach us about what Vikings used to make and dye clothes
  • The different roles each member of a family had
  • Games that people played
  • How looking at artefacts can teach us about everyday Viking life

For a full day experience Vikings can be combined with our Anglo-Saxons workshop. Pupils will compare both sets of invaders and look at differences and similarities.