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Victorian Childhood

Delve Into History is now offering a new Victorian workshop for KS2 children. The KS1 Toys and Games In The Past workshop has been adapted for older children.Classes will focus more on the differences between rich and poor children and how religion affected leisure time.

Victorian Childhood

Learn how Victorian children spent their leisure time. Compare the toys and games that rich and poor children had. Take part some Victorian games and make a peg doll.

The workshop will focus on:

  • How religion affected leisure time.
  • The differences between the toys and games of rich and poor children.
  • Materials and technology used in the making of toys.
  • How poor children aquired their toys.

Victorian Children is a half day session, but can be booked as a whole day with Victorian School room or Victorian Home life. In doing this,children will experience what it was like to be a Victorian child.