Neil Armstrong: From Childhod Dreams To Walking On The Moon

Explore how Neil Armstrong turned his boyhood dream of flying into the reality of going into space. Learn about the life of Neil Armstrong through artefact handling, costume and role-play.

During this 2hr workshop pupils will listen to the story of how Neil Armstrong became an astronaut. Pupils will learn about his early life before he became famous. They will be immersed in role-play, meeting Neil as a young boy, a boy scout, a jazz musician, a naval pilot and finally an astronaut.  

During the story pupils will listen to the of music Neil Armstrong’s college band, take part in astronaut training exercises and through costume see him grow from a young boy to a man. Pupils will have the opportunity to look at artefacts relating to the 1969 moon landing


The workshop will focus on

  • The life of Neil Armstrong as he grew up. 
  • What influenced Neil Armstrong to want to become an astronaut.
  • The hard work and training required to become an astronaut.
  • The 1969 moon landing.
  • How the first moon landing has resulted in the production of toys and memorabilia.