Cotton Mills: The Growth Of  Towns & Impact on Family Life

Discover how dangerous life was as a child working in a Victorian cotton mill and how growth of towns changed family life.

This 2hr workshop begins with discussion about jobs that pupils would choose to do, if they were made to work instead of attending school. Pupils will study photographs of Victorian cotton mills and discuss what they think the dangers might have been. The class will create a human weaving machine and send a child underneath! 

Pupils will handle artefacts relating to cotton mills in order to gain an understanding of what working life was like.

Pupils will look at old maps of their locality  to see what the impact of the increase in the number of textile mills had on the area. Pupils will learn about the cramped conditions that families had to live in and have a go at top and tailing.

The workshop will focus on

  • How the growth of the textile industry  caused the expansion of towns.    
  • What the impact of the growing textile industry was upon families.                 
  • The dangers of working in a cotton mill.  
  • What jobs children had to undertake.


This is a half day session  session but can be booked with Victorian Schoolroom or Victorian Home Life for a full day Victorian experience