Explore the Saxon world by looking at costume. Handle artefacts and have a go at solving a Saxon riddle. Have fun deciding which trial by ordeal to give your classmate!

This 2hr session will begin with a look at how Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms were organised. The class will be split up into groups in order to learn about the hierarchical class structure.

The class will work in groups, handling and discussing artefacts. Through being a ‘time detective’, pupils will  gain an understanding of Anglo-Saxon life.

A boy and a girl will be selected to wear costume so that the class can learn about how clothes were resourced, who made them and how they were made. 

Pupils will have fun trying to solve an Anglo-Saxon riddle then decide on a punishment for a class member through discussion of the ‘trial by ordeal’ system. We promise not to really carry out the selected punishment!

The workshop will focus on

  • How looking at costume can teach us about what Saxons used to make and dye clothes
  • Saxons punishment systems
  • Why people built houses near to rivers and woods, and how Saxons obtained food sources
  • Saxons riddles

“Wonderful workshop. We have booked this 3 years running. Del is always really enthusiastic and engages the children brilliantly with real and replica artefacts. The children love to dress up and solve the Saxon riddle.

Elizabeth Roath  St Edward’s Roman Catholic School  Darwen


For a full day experience Anglo-Saxons can be combined with our Vikings workshop. Pupils will compare both groups of invaders and look at differences and similarities.